ReLit Award Longlist is FULL of Great Atlantic Canadian Books!

The ReLit Awards, dubbed “The country’s pre-eminent literary prize recognizing independent presses” by the Globe and Mail, is benevolently spearheaded by Newfoundlandland’s internationally acclaimed author Kenneth J. Harvey. The ReLit awards stand apart from all other Canadian literary awards. How?  They honour writers from independent presses, not the ones signed on with big powerhouse publishers. In other words, they shine a light where it needs to be shined: on the writers (and publishers) who benefit the most from additional attention. Harvey’s ReLit awards are one man making a difference. They achieve the real purpose of awards: recognition. Or, as Harvey says “Ideas, not money.” Kenneth sifts through hundreds of books in three categories — every year for ten years now – and picks a longlist, which he hands over to a secret jury to choose from.

SHORT FICTION Titles by Atlantic Canadians

Sheila James’ In the Wake of Loss
Leslie Vryenhoek’s Scrabble Lessons
Amy Jones’ What Boys Like
Steven Mayoff’s Fatted Calf Blues
Ryan Turner’s What We’re Made Of

 NOVELS by Atlantic Canadians

Chad Pelley’s Away from Everywhere
Paul Butler’s Hero
Lisa Moore’s February
Joey Comeau’s Overqualified
Gerald Beirne’s Turtle
Binnie Brenan’s Harbour View
Elainwe McCluskey’s Going Fast
Syr Ruus’s Lovesongs of Emmanuel Taggart
Jeannette Lynes’s The Factory Voice

POETRY Titles by Atlantic Canadians

Harry Thurston’s Animals of My Own Kind
Serge Patrice Thibodeau’s One
Zacharia Wells’s Track & Trace
George Elliot Clarke’s I & I
Stephen Rowe’s Never More There
Pam Calabrese MacLean’s The Dead Can’t Dance

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